From Seaside Lagoon to the Pier, We’re Making Our City Better for All of us to Enjoy

The Waterfront revitalization is a unique reimagining of Redondo Beach’s pier and coastal area designed to bring families and friends together for relaxation and fun.

Revitalizing the Heritage of the Redondo Beach Coastline


Our community deserves a coastline that reflects the rich pride and history of Redondo Beach. The Waterfront project will increase investment in the local economy, save local businesses, and revitalize the community we love.


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A Coastline Worthy of Our Families


With 11 acres of open space, a revitalized Seaside Lagoon open to the ocean, an enhanced boardwalk to bike and walk on, and a public market, The Waterfront is finally making the coastline family-friendly again.

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The Perfect Place to Enjoy an Active Lifestyle


Whether you surf, paddleboard, kayak, swim, or bike, The Waterfront is the perfect destination to enjoy our beachside community and get your blood pumping at the same time.

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Revitalizing Entertainment All Along Our Coastline


With an intimate, limited-seat movie theater, public market, an outdoor stage for concerts and performances, new and local enhanced restaurants, and a boutique hotel, The Waterfront project will make our community vibrant and entertaining again, while still maintaining the rich history of the Redondo Beach waterfront.

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Overheard in Redondo Beach


“We only have one harbor, and so this is what we have to take care of.”

-Glenn Patrick Webb, Owner of Paddle House

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Come Visit Us at the Waterfront Information Center

Learn more about the project by visiting us and taking a tour of the 3-D model. CLICK HERE to learn dates and times that the Information Center is open.

Redondo Beach, CA 90277