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Redondo Beach Recreation and Parks Commission Approves CenterCal’s Vision for Seaside Lagoon

On Wednesday, April 20, the Redondo Beach Recreation and Parks Commission met to discuss their recommendation to the Harbor Commission on The Waterfront’s proposed modifications to Seaside Lagoon.

While Seaside Lagoon is just one component of The Waterfront, its revitalization is essential to the project. For the first time in its history, the new Seaside Lagoon will be available to our community 365 days a year and opened up to the ocean, allowing for a natural tidal flow. Additionally, admission will be free of charge.

As part of The Waterfront’s 11-plus acres of parks and open space, Seaside Lagoon will host activities for the whole family, serve as a gathering place for recreational activities like Tai Chi and paddleboarding, and continue to be home to beloved, local events like Lobster Festival.

This vision for Seaside Lagoon will vastly improve its current state. Over the last few years, the water quality in Seaside Lagoon has faced repeated violations for failing to meet standards for bacterial levels, which have forced the City to incur more than $200,000 in fines.

The revitalized Seaside Lagoon will have a natural tidal flow that recirculates water in the Lagoon every two days, faster than most areas of King Harbor. It will also be consistent with the Regional Quality Control Board’s recommended solution to Seaside Lagoon’s water quality issues.

The Recreation and Parks Commission recommended the Harbor Commission support CenterCal’s proposed revisions to Seaside Lagoon, including opening Seaside Lagoon to natural tidal flow.

We look forward to our next stop—Redondo Beach Harbor Commission!

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