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Community Benefits

The Waterfront pier revitalization is a unique reimagining of Redondo's coastal area inspired by the waterfront experience of the past, when the pristine Redondo shoreline brought vibrant culture and the comfort of community together to create the perfect local ocean-side experience.

Vibrant Community Resources and World-Class Amenities

Public Gathering Places

11 acres of open space for gathering areas, art exhibitions, concerts and other community events

Seaside Lagoon

Revitalized Seaside Lagoon opened to natural tidal flow 365 days per year

Family-Friendly Park

Includes water features; fun for kids of all ages

Public Market

Featuring fresh seafood, farm to table vendors and many of Redondo's legacy pier tenants

Specialty Theatre

Intimate 650 seat specialty movie theatre with reserved seating

Boutique Oceanfront Hotel

120 rooms including spa and beauty services

Street Retail

200,000 square feet set in beautiful, thoughtfully landscaped paseos

New Boardwalk

Expanded 20-foot wide public boardwalk along the coastline

Enhanced Access

To the coastline for cyclists and pedestrians with a 20-foot wide boardwalk


Welcome to The Waterfront image gallery. As we work through the plans for this project, we want the community to see what we have in mind. We welcome you to take a look, and tell us what you think.

Waterfront Redondo Master Plan

Coastal Access

The Waterfront reimagines the Redondo Pier and Harbor areas to vastly improve coastal access; create seamless connectivity along the water; and ease the flow of pedestrian, bike and vehicular traffic up and down the coastline.

  • The current layout of the Pier and Harbor area allows access to only about 84 percent of the coastline; the Waterfront's design makes the coast 100 percent accessible.

  • By connecting the two halves of the area - currently split by the marina - with an expansive pedestrian boardwalk, and a pedestrian bridge between the north and south sides of the project, the Waterfront will add nearly 1,000 feet of accessible shoreline for strolling amid community gathering places, activity centers, rest areas, water features, public art and child play areas.

Environment and Open Space

The Waterfront's vision and design are centered around a focus on open space, and paying homage to Redondo's beautiful natural coastal environment. The Waterfront's community-oriented amenities are all seamlessly integrated with natural elements and public gathering areas, making open space the central component that defines the project and ties activities together.

  • The Waterfront includes 11 acres of open space integrated throughout the project, including thoughtfully landscaped spaces along strolling paths; public gathering areas for concerts and art exhibitions.

  • The Waterfront will upgrade water conservation and storm water run-off systems.

  • By reducing the parking footprint from over 500,000 square feet - as it stands currently - to approximately 160,000 square feet, there is increased area for park and open spaces.

  • Seaside Lagoon will be opened up to natural tidal flow – no longer requiring chemical filtration – and effectively ending routine fines received by the City of Redondo Beach for water quality violations. This concept was approved by the Redondo Beach Recreation and Parks Commission April 2016.


By designing the project to promote bike and pedestrian travel, and easing the flow of traffic along the local roadways, The Waterfront aims to facilitate a balanced flow of transportation in and around the coastal area.

  • The Waterfront will make the Redondo shoreline a haven for leisure cyclists in the community and across the region.

  • Pristine bike paths that run continuously along the water will give local cyclists the freedom to enjoy the ocean up-close as they ride down the coast.

  • By reviving the Harbor Drive Reconnection, the Waterfront strategically enhances roadway infrastructure to make vehicular travel more efficient and less intrusive, as well as enhance bike lanes providing easy access for avid cyclists to connect from Harbor Boulevard without riding through the dark and curvy parking structure.

  • Waterfront Way allows for easy access and increased ocean views as it winds between a thoughtful collection of dinning and retail options and ties parkettes and natural landscaping together.

Economic and Fiscal Benefits

The Waterfront is sure to bring a substantial economic development boost to Redondo, while also providing the city with much - needed financial relief through its private investment in public infrastructure near the water.

Economic and Fiscal Benfits

  • The Waterfront will create an estimated 2,500 jobs and $3 million to $6 million annually in new tax revenue for the City of Redondo Beach annually through property, sales and hotel taxes according to the Cities Consultants, supporting public services like police, fire, roads and schools.

  • The project offers $300 million in immediate private investment some of which pays for crucial public infrastructure repairs that the City of Redondo currently can't afford.

  • Market Analysis November 2015


Essential Documents

For information on key milestones in The Waterfront’s environmental review process, see below:


  • Myths vs. Facts

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