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At the heart of any significant revitalization effort are the community members who give their time and effort to help make it a reality. We thank each one of our community partners for their friendship, and we are committed to honoring them by providing this community with a truly special waterfront revitalization.

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There was a time when the Redondo Beach pier area was the toast of the South Bay – a true gem along the Southern California coast. From the early days of the Pacific Salt Works in the late 1800s to the grand opening of Tony’s on the Pier in 1952 and beyond, generations of Redondo residents and businesses built an extraordinary beach-side legacy defined by vibrant culture and the unbreakable bond of community. The vision for the Waterfront, our proposed revitalization of the Redondo pier area, has always been driven by one thing – reawakening this remarkable legacy and celebrating Redondo’s heritage.


The very first wharf was built where the pier now stands. It was constructed to facilitate the massive lumber trade, which required hauling the lumber from ships to trains and then transporting it throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Hotel Redondo opened as the sister hotel to the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. With its 18-hole golf course, lush landscaping, tennis courts and 225 luxurious rooms, each of which was “touched by sunlight at some time of the day,” it attracted more visitors than ever before to the coast.


The City of Redondo Beach was incorporated on April 29th after a vote of 177 to 10, becoming the 9th city in Los Angeles County.


Hawaiian Irish surfer George Freeth, aka “The Man Who Could Walk on Water,” comes to Redondo and teaches locals how to surf.


Henry Huntington built the Redondo Beach Plunge, the world’s largest indoor saltwater heated pool.


Fancher’s Capitol Theater opened as a mixed film and vaudeville house. There were 600 seats on the main orchestra floor and 100 in the small shelf balcony.


Lightning Racer Rollercoaster opened as a popular tourist attraction. With two parallel tracks, riders traveling over the 6000 feet of track experienced the sensation of “racing” one another.


The Fox Theater opened as the premier movie showplace in the South Bay. Built at an estimated cost of $300,000, it was constructed almost entirely of concrete and included a large pipe organ and a state-of-the-art sound and projection system.


Covered Wagon Days Celebrations held costume contests and festival games for the entire Redondo population, which consisted of less than 12,000 residents.


Known as "Old Tony's," Tony's On The Pier opened offering breathtaking ocean views. Later the unique Crow’s Nest vantage point opened to complete the romantic seaside dining.


On January 18th, a storm with 20-foot waves severely damaged the waterfront and washed away Blue Moon Saloon Restaurant.


On May 27, an electrical fire set the Horseshoe pier ablaze and destroyed 15 businesses, causing $7 million worth of damage.


Voters approved Measure G, which provides stringent definitions for rebuilding the waterfront.


After eight Community Meetings, Redondo Beach City Council entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with CenterCal Properties for the impending $300 million waterfront redevelopment.