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Harbor Commission Approves The Waterfront

On Monday, August 8, the Redondo Beach Harbor Commission voted to certify the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and approve The Waterfront.

Final EIR Certification

The Final EIR was released by the City of Redondo Beach on July 7, 2016. The Final EIR has responses to all comments that were received during the Draft EIR comment period, which was last winter, and all revisions made to the Draft EIR. It also includes all analyses of potential environmental impacts included in the Draft EIR.

As a reminder, the Draft EIR found that there would be remarkably few impacts for a coastline project of this complexity. The Draft EIR concluded that only two long-term impacts would result from the project. One of these impacts is potential tsunami risk, which is a risk to most waterfront projects. The second is an increase in operational noise resulting from increased use of the waterfront area.

Waterfront Approval

Over the course of five meetings, the Harbor Commissioners deliberated on The Waterfront, asking questions on every aspect of the project and making numerous modifications to the proposal. They also considered extensive public testimony from both supporters and opponents to the project. At the end of the fifth meeting, the Harbor Commissioners felt that they were prepared to make a decision and voted 4-2 to approve The Waterfront.

We are thrilled that the Harbor Commission has voted to approve the revitalization of our waterfront, recognizing the widespread support from so many Redondo residents, businesses, community groups, civic leaders and former elected officials. We’re now a big step closer to finally restoring the pier and harbor and making it a place everyone in our community can enjoy. We’re eager to continue working with the city as the process moves forward.

Next Steps

The Waterfront will now go before the Redondo Beach City Council and we look forward to its review of this much-needed revitalization. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive more information.

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